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The Tender Center strives to provide the best service in the industry of second hand goods & sales by Tender, including excellence in customer service & value for money for both vendor & buyer. We value the privacy of our clientele & handle all personal information as strictly confidential in accordance with the following privacy act:

National Privacy Principles Act 2000.

How we collect your personal information & where it goes

  • from a Tender or Vendor form - once you have given us your details, it automatically transfers to our customer data base.
  • via email (if your details have changed or if you request to put up a wanted notice for something you require in particular) – information collected via email is manually entered into our customer data base & old information is deleted.

What personal details we require from you & why

We require standard information from you when Tendering (buying) goods. This information is required to enable us to contact you by either phone or mail to advise you of the end result of the sale.

  • We require more information from you when Vendoring (selling) goods. The standard information is required to enable us to contact you by either phone or mail to advise you of any offers we have received. Other information such as identification & Date of Birth, by law must be retrieved from you in the event of tracing a stolen item.

How we use your personal information

  • to contact you regarding after sale results
  • to remind you of our upcoming sales (this is done via email if you have chosen to provide us with your email address) – if at any time you would like to be taken off our email address, send us an email advising us of the change & you will no longer receive Tender Center updates.

When we disclose personal information

  • All personal information when selling goods, is transferred in a file to the Police Department
  • Our professional advisors, which may include accountants, lawyers & auditors
  • Department of Fair Trading in the event on a customer tribunal case
  • Franchisees of Tender Center Pty.Ltd
  • Authorities of the law

Securing your information

  • All customer details are stored in our data base, which is only accessible to employees when the information is relevant to use. Upon attaining employment though Tender Center, each employee must sign a confidentiality contract stating they will not disclose any information regarding personal details of clientele.
  • All paper work stating personal information is filed & stored in an alarmed & secured centre. Only authorised personnel can access this information & only in times of relevance.

You can help us hold accurate information

Tender Center aims to have highly accurate, up-to-date & complete personal information. You can help us to maintain our high standard by:

  • notifying us of any errors in your personal information
  • notifying us of any change in your personal information such as your name, address or phone number(s) etc.

In the event of any person requiring additional information, Head Office can be contacted on our Hotline (07) 5568 0910