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How to Sell

You are welcome to put a reserve price on your goods.

If we do not sell them there is No Charge


  • MAXIMUM RETURNS - Because Tenderers submit one bid only, and do not know how much anyone else is tendering, they are forced to go straight to their best price.
  • 3 DAYS OF TENDERING - Bids may be submitted at any time over the three day Tendering period. People do not have to wait for your article’s lot number to come up, therefore they have the maximum opportunity to bid.
  • Don’t pay for expensive newspaper ising to ‘maybe’ sell it!
  • A Newspaper advertisement can describe it, but having people see it gets results!!!
  • No waiting for the phone to ring, and no having strangers in your house.
  • Need transport ? Borrow our Courtesy Trailer! (Participating stores only.)
  • Remember - you can greatly improve the saleability of your goods by providing a full description and having them well presented.

Instore Sale – Just bring your goods in on the receiving days. We will book them in for you and run them through the sale and see what offers we get!

Online Sale – To offer your goods for sale to the world via the Tender Center Online Tender Sale, Bring them into the Tender Center and we will upload them for you, for a small additional commission (only payable if the item is sold No Sale No Charge)

Commission Rates – All stores have a policy of “No Sale No Charge”. Commission rates differ slightly between the stores. Please contact your local Tender Center to find out the rates.

Receiving Days - The Days that the Tender Center receives goods is on the Stores' page